Rollinat, Maurice

Maurice Rollinat (1846-1903) was a French poet and musician. Wikipedia

Holmès, Augusta

Augusta Mary Anne Holmès (1847 – 1903) was a French composer of Irish descent. In 1871, Holmès became a French citizen and added the accent to her last name. Wikipedia

Milán, Luis de

Luis de Milán (c. 1500 – c. 1561) was a Spanish Renaissance composer, vihuelist, and writer on music. He was the first composer in history to publish music for the vihuela de mano, an instrument employed primarily in the Iberian peninsula. Wikipedia

Soriano Fuertes, Mariano

Mariano Soriano Fuertes (1817 – 1880), Mariano de los Dolores Soriano Piqueras according to the civil registry, was a Spanish zarzuela composer and musicologist. Wikipedia-ES