Hernández, Isidoro

Isidoro Hernández González (1847 – 1888) was a Spanish composer and conductor. As a creator he cultivated the piano, the lyrical song and the zarzuela and enjoyed great popularity. Wikipedia-ES

Esteve, Pablo

Pablo Esteve y Grimau (1730 – 1794) was a Spanish composer. Esteve was conductor and house-composer for the Teatro de la Cruz in Madrid during the peak of the popularity of the tonadilla genre. Wikipedia

Laserna, Blas de

Blas de Laserna Nieva (1751 – 1816) was a Spanish composer and one of the most prolific and popular songwriters of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Spain. Wikipedia

Strickland, Lily

Lily Strickland (1887 – 1958) was an American composer, painter, and writer. Wikipedia

Monro, George

George Monro (1680 – 1731) was an English composer and organist at St Peter’s in Cornhill, London and played the organ and harpsichord in the Goodman fields theatre from 1729 until his death in about 1731.

Taylor, Deems

Joseph Deems Taylor (1885 – 1966) was an American music critic, composer, and promoter of classical music. Nat Benchley, co-editor of The Lost Algonquin Roundtable, referred to him as “the dean of American music.” Wikipedia

Weatherly, Frederick E.

Frederic Edward Weatherly (1848 – 1929) was an English lawyer, author, lyricist, and broadcaster. He was christened and brought up using the name Frederick Edward Weatherly, and appears to have adopted the spelling ‘Frederic’ later in life. Wikipedia

Neidlinger, William Harold

William Harold Neidlinger (1863 – 1924) was a composer, conductor, and organist at St. Michael’s Church, New York City. During the turn of the century, he founded a school in East Orange N.J. for the purpose of working with children lacking motor skills- especially speech and vocal disabilities. Instantencore