Five arias from Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Corsaro

Verdi-photo-BrogiFive texts from Il Corsaro, as set by Giuseppe Verdi, have recently been added to the IPA Source database.

The first performance of Il Corsaro was October, 1848. The libretto for Il Corsaro was created by Francesco Maria Piave, who based it upon the poem, The Corsair, by Lord Byron.

At the time Il Corsaro was being written by Piave, Verdi had been battling illness. While some wrote that Verdi seemed to have little care about Il Corsaroit sounds as though the opera was of great interest to him.


Impatient because of the delays, Piave had asked for his libretto to be returned to him in order that he might fulfill another commitment. Verdi was shocked: “Give you back Il corsaro, that Corsaro which has always fascinated me and which I’ve thought about so much, and which you’ve put into verse with more than your usual care?” 

From the IPA Source database, five arias from Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Corsaro:

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