Opera Libretti

It is beyond the scope of this website to provide translations and transcriptions to the hundreds of opera libretti found in the standard repertoire. I direct you to Nico Castel's monumental works in this area, hopefully they are available in a library near you or you can order them from Leyerle Publications.



The Libretti of Mozart's Completed Operas


The complete Puccini libretti


The complete Verdi libretti


French opera libretti


Italian belcanto opera libretti


Italian verismo opera libretti


Four Strauss opera libretti


Der Ring des Nibelungen


German Miscellaneous Opera Libretti


Libretti of Russian Operas


Handel Opera Libretti

Another book that may prove useful

  MacMurray, Jessica M. The Book of 101 Opera Librettos: Complete Original Language Texts With English Translations.  Black Dog & Leventhal Pub; 1997.  ISBN: 1884822797.


Opera libretti online

Below are links to websites that contain complete libretti (original language only in most cases).


  Baroque Libretti   A few early libretti
  Libretti d'opera italiani  Dozens of Italian libretti (no translations)