Charles Gounod

Perfect Tenor Recital Selections

Voice recitals are part of a voice student’s degree fulfillment requirements. Whether you are preparing for a Junior Recital, Senior Recital, or Graduate Recital, identifying and grouping texts to display your vocal skill is key. Texts may be selected and grouped by language, emotion, or level of difficulty. Texts may also be selected and grouped… Read More

Selected texts by Charles Gounod, hand-curated by voice type

We’re celebrating the birthday of Charles Gounod this month. Gounod was born June 17, 1818. Here, categorized by voice type / Fach, are some hand-selected texts from our database, along with recommended recordings. ARIAS Soprano Faust: Il était un roi de Thulé IPA Source: Recording: Maria Callas –   Mireille: Heureux petit berger IPA Source:… Read More