Ask IPA Source: Question regarding A Spirit Flower by Louis Campbell-Tipton

An IPA Source customer asks:

A Spirit Flower by Louis Campbell-Tipton (First Book of Soprano Solos Pt. 2, Page 128) has German lyrics under the English. Would like to see an IPA version of the German, but curious about why there is a German alternate text.  B. Martin Stanton was presumably an Anglophone.  Jussi Björling recorded it in original English.
One source says German version is by Alice Mattulath, but she usually translated German songs into English.  Puzzled….

Bard answers:

Thanks for contacting us.  The “First Book” selections are all taken from public domain Editions. In this case, the selection is a photo copy from a German publication which added a German language singing translation below the original English. We do not offer transcriptions of singing translations, only the original text which in this case is the English, which you can find on our site. View the text here:


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