Tell me more about institutional subscriptions

Our website has a great deal of information for institutions interested in subscribing to our resource. We’ve collected some of the most frequently requested information here. Pricing For institutional pricing is located at Note that we don’t base pricing on FTE. Instead, we base pricing on two factors: 1) The number of students taking… Read More

It’s time for our annual summer sale!

  Now through July 30, we’re giving you 15% off all NEW individual subscriptions. Applies to NEW 6 month, one year, and studio subscriptions. Use code IPAJULY at checkout.

IPA Source now supports institutional authentication through SURFconext

IPA Source offers our institutional customers campus-wide access to our database via IP authentication.  In addition, we also offer access via Shibboleth for those institutions that utilize it for single sign on (SSO). We are pleased to now offer SURFconext as an additional method of authentication for institutions that use SURFconext for managing their SSO… Read More

Verismo Opera: The Gritty and Realistic Side of Italian Opera

Verismo (Italian for “realism”) opera is a type of opera that emerged in Italy in the late 19th century, characterized by its realistic and gritty subject matter, and a focus on everyday people and their struggles. Verismo opera originated from an Italian literary movement of the same name. Verismo opera sought to portray ordinary people… Read More

The Role of Music in Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin’: A Look at the Composer’s Innovative Techniques

“Lohengrin” is a German opera in three acts, composed and written by Richard Wagner. It was first performed in 1850 in Weimar and is based on a medieval German legend. The opera is considered one of Wagner’s masterpieces and is known for its sweeping orchestrations, soaring melodies, and powerful vocal performances. The opera tells the… Read More

Thomas Quasthoff, musical icon and advocate

Thomas Quasthoff is a world-renowned German bass-baritone singer and a celebrated performer of classical music. Born on November 9, 1959, Quasthoff developed a passion for music at a young age and began singing in choirs as a child. He went on to study at the Music Conservatory of Hanover, where he received training in voice… Read More