Shopping Policies


Any information you relay to us is strictly confidential and will be used only to identify your unique account. Your information will never be given or sold to a third party for any reason whatsoever. For more detailed information please see our Privacy Policy page.


When you shop on our site, we collect personal information about you that is used only to set up and maintain your account and to facilitate the payment process. Through the use of cookies, IPA Source tracks individual usage used for statistical purposes in order to provide you with the greatest text selection and an easy, secure shopping experience and to guard against fraudulent usage. No personal information is never shared with any third party.


Our website uses the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL is a set of rules followed by computers connected to the Internet and guards against eavesdropping, data integrity (assuring that your communications are not tampered with during transmission), and authentication (verifying that the party receiving your communication is actually who it claims to be).

To check a site’s security status, look at the site’s URL in your browser window. An “s” added to the familiar “http” (to make “https”) indicates that SSL is in effect. You will know that you are in an encrypted area when you see a closed lock when using Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox. By clicking on the symbol, you can confirm the validity of the certificate. All information that you provide during the shopping process is encrypted for your protection.


If individual files are purchased, they must be downloaded within seven (7) days of purchase.


Access to IPA Source is granted to authorized users through a “User ID.” For the individual user, this is their a unique email address and password combination; for the institutional customer, this is their proxy-server login credentials or specific IP location. All authorized users of IPA Source are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login credentials. Disclosure of the User ID to an unauthorized person is grounds for account suspension. The authorized user is solely responsible for any and all financial losses we may suffer as a result of the failure to maintain the confidentiality of their User ID.



Once you have paid for a file by clicking on the “Place Order” button, you do not have a right to cancel your order. IPA Source customers accept this condition of supply. All customers have the option to download any paid order by accessing their Downloads from their Account page. The download option is active for seven (7) days after the original transaction. We will, at our discretion, offer a refund to customers who report irresolvable download problems and have submitted a Request of Resolution through the Contact form within 48 hours of the original transaction. Upon receipt, IPA Source will work with the customer to resolve the issue. If the download issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer within 48 hours of the request, a refund will be issued. Typographical errors are not grounds for a refund.


The IPA Source subscription contract commences immediately with the successful payment of the subscription fee. Once the ‘Place Order’ button has been pressed, you will no longer have a right to cancel the subscription as all files on the site will be available for immediate download. By clicking on the ‘Place Order’ button, you agree to these conditions of supply.