Search Box Guidelines

Typing words with or without special charters will return the correct results.

Fauré or Faure
Fleur jetée or Fleur jetee
Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen or Das ist ein Floten und Geigen

Partial searches are allowed.

Instead of Fleur jetée or Fleur jetee, simply type Fleur or jetee

Correct punctuation is recommended!

While Vado, ma dove or Vado ma dove (with or without the comma) will return the correct title, it is always best to observe punctuation “just in case.”

Suggestion: if you are unsure about punctuation, use a partial search such as ma dove.

The search box is not case sensitive.

Geigen or geigen will return the same results.

Search Tip: 

If you are not sure of the spelling or punctuation, look under the composer’s or poet’s name for the most complete list of titles.