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IPA Source is the web’s largest collection of aria and art song texts. All of IPA Source’s 15,794 vocal texts are translated and transcribed by hand, not by machine, for better accuracy.

Perfect your comprehension and pronunciation of vocal texts with works from 924 composers and 1,143 poets, including the complete art song texts of Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Fauré, Duparc, and many more.

IPA Source’s database contains the equivalent of more than a shelf full of IPA textbooks, at a fraction of the price.

IPA Source text



Language and work Original text Google translate IPA Source
Italian: Donaudy, Or che le rèdole Or che le rèdole verdi ritornano Now that the green rèdole return Now that the grassy paths have again turned green
German: Brahms, Ein Deutsches Requiem Herr, lehre doch mich,
dass ein Ende mit mir haben muss
Lord, teach me that there must be an end to me Lord, teach me then,
that my life must have an end
French: Hahn, Si mes vers avaient des ailes Si mes vers avaient des ailes If my worms had wings If my verses had wings
Spanish: Àlvarez, Cantares De qué le sirve a tu madre What good is it to your mother How does it serve your mother


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