Franz Peter Schubert

Perfect Soprano Recital Selections

Are you preparing for a Junior Recital, Senior Recital, or Graduate Recital? Deciding upon the perfect program of music for your performance is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. A vocalist must carefully select the right balance of music to appropriately highlight vocal skills. Curated from our database, here are 24 selections perfect… Read More

Ask IPA Source: Why are double consonants not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle?

An IPA Source customer asks: It seems double consonants are not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle.  Am I missing something?  Please clarify. Bard answers: Unlike Italian, German (like French) does not stress double consonants except for expressive reasons. In French, doubles are not pronounced excepted for words like immense where both mm’s are… Read More