Featured composer: Richard Wagner

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (Richard Wagner), born May 22, 1813 and died February 13, 1883, was a German conductor, polemicist, dramatic composer and theorist. Wagner had a revolutionary influence over the course of Western music. Unique to most opera composers is the fact that Wagner wrote both the libretto and music for each of his stage… Read More

Ask IPA Source: Why are double consonants not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle?

An IPA Source customer asks: It seems double consonants are not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle.  Am I missing something?  Please clarify. Bard answers: Unlike Italian, German (like French) does not stress double consonants except for expressive reasons. In French, doubles are not pronounced excepted for words like immense where both mm’s are… Read More

Clara Schumann, distinguished pianist and composer

Clara Schumann (née Clara Josephine Wieck; 13 September 1819 – 20 May 1896) was a German pianist and composer, and one of the most distinguished figures of the Romantic Era. One of the most soulful and famous pianists of the day.” – Edvard Grieg During her time, great female musicians were rare. Womens’ “careers” were… Read More

14 texts as set by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, hand-curated by Fach

From our collection of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy texts, here are 14 texts hand-curated by Fach, with listening links included. Born Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847), he was widely known as Felix Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn was a German composer, pianist, and organist during the early Romantic period. Mendelssohn is considered the greatest child prodigy after… Read More

Happy birthday, Reynaldo Hahn

Reynaldo Hahn, was the youngest of twelve children of a Venezuelan Catholic mother and a German Jewish father. Hahn’s (pronounced with the German aspirate -h [ha:n]) was born on 8/9/1874 in Venezuela. His first languages were Spanish and German and only learned French after his family moved to Paris. A child prodigy, he became the… Read More