Ask IPA Source: Why are double consonants not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle?

An IPA Source customer asks: It seems double consonants are not indicated in the IPA for Die Forelle.  Am I missing something?  Please clarify. Bard answers: Unlike Italian, German (like French) does not stress double consonants except for expressive reasons. In French, doubles are not pronounced excepted for words like immense where both mm’s are… Read More

Featured Texts for March – Franz Peter Schubert

Undoubtedly Schubert’s most famous ballad is the Erlkönig but do you know Der Zwerg (The Dwarf)? Download the text from IPA Source, the score from IMSLP and then listen to Jessye Norman sing this powerful song on YouTube. Appropriate for both male and female voices. Get ready for spring with Schubert’s passionate love song, Heimliches… Read More