Featured composer: Claude Debussy

French composer Achille-Claude Debussy, also known as Claude-Achille Debussy or Claude Debussy was born August 22, 1862, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Seine-et-Oise. Debussy was one of the most prominent figures in Impressionist music and among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Debussy’s music was noted for its frequent use of non-traditional… Read More

Texts about love, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are a selection of texts about love. Some texts also include listening links, notations on ideal voice type, and comments from IPA Source Founder & Principal Author, Bard Suverkrop. Droop Not, Young Lover as set by Georg Friedrich Händel This is important song, perfect for bass, is from… Read More

Clara Schumann, distinguished pianist and composer

Clara Schumann (née Clara Josephine Wieck; 13 September 1819 – 20 May 1896) was a German pianist and composer, and one of the most distinguished figures of the Romantic Era. One of the most soulful and famous pianists of the day.” – Edvard Grieg During her time, great female musicians were rare. Womens’ “careers” were… Read More

14 texts as set by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, hand-curated by Fach

From our collection of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy texts, here are 14 texts hand-curated by Fach, with listening links included. Born Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847), he was widely known as Felix Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn was a German composer, pianist, and organist during the early Romantic period. Mendelssohn is considered the greatest child prodigy after… Read More

Franz Joseph Haydn’s English Songs: The Canzonettas

Haydn’s English songs, The Canzonettas, are an important collection of Franz Joseph Haydn’s work and a true turning point in the development of the Art Song.  IPA Source offers the IPA text for all 12 of Haydn’s English Canzonettas. (Image source: Haydn’s English songs: the canzonettas by Ray Heigemeir, Public Services Librarian for Music, Stanford University, http://library.stanford.edu/blogs/stanford-libraries-blog/2014/11/haydns-english-songs-canzonettas)… Read More

How IPA Source Helped The US State Department In 2013

In 2013, IPA Source Founder & Principal Author Bard Suverkrop was approached by a US State Department employee via our online contact form. The staff member was stationed in a US embassy, and was interested in purchasing a copy of the IPA for The Pledge of Allegiance, written by Francis Bellamy and The Star-Spangled Banner,… Read More

Hand-selected texts for July composer birthdays

This month, IPA Source is celebrating 11 composers in our collection born during the month of July. Included in this post is a link to our entire collection for each composer, a hand-selected text, and opportunities to listen to the selected text. Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck – born July 2, 1714 Our collection: https://www.ipasource.com/composer/g/gluck-christoph-willibald-von-1714-1787.html… Read More