How IPA Source Helped The US State Department In 2013

In 2013, IPA Source Founder & Principal Author Bard Suverkrop was approached by a US State Department employee via our online contact form.

The staff member was stationed in a US embassy, and was interested in purchasing a copy of the IPA for The Pledge of Allegiance, written by Francis Bellamy and The Star-Spangled Banner, text by Francis Scott Key and set to a melody by John Stafford Smith.

IPA for both of these texts would be most helpful to those applying for citizenship and naturalization to the United States. The Pledge of Allegiance is recited at new US citizen ceremonies around the country.

IPA Source was pleased to provide copies of the texts to the State Department, with best wishes for all those studying to become citizens of the United States.

From Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), here is soprano Renée Fleming, singing our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.

Here Louise Homer (April 30, 1871 – May 6, 1947) an American operatic contralto, performs The Star-Spangled Banner:


Here is Anna Case (October 29, 1888 – January 7, 1984; aged 95), an American soprano, performing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Interesting fact about Ms. Case, from Wikipedia:

Case “recorded with Thomas Alva Edison, who used her voice extensively in “tone tests” of whether a live audience could tell the difference between the actual singer and a recording. In addition to recordings for Edison Records on both phonograph cylinder and Diamond Disc, Case recorded for Victorand Columbia Records, and made sound film for Vitaphone.”



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