Lange, Gustav

Gustav Lange (1830 – 1889) was a German composer known mainly for his melodious salon music for the piano. Wikipedia Not to be confused with the Norwegian composer, Gustav Fredrik Lange.

Hasse, Johann Adolph

Johann Adolph Hasse (1699–1783) was an 18th-century German composer, singer, and teacher of music. Immensely popular in his time, Hasse was best known for his prolific operatic output, though he also composed a considerable quantity of sacred music. Wikipedia

Jaëll, Marie

Marie Jaëll née Marie Trautmann (1846 – 1925) was a French pianist, composer, and pedagogue. Marie Jaëll composed pieces for piano, concertos, quartets, and others. She dedicated her cello concerto to Jules Delsart, and was the first pianist to perform all the piano sonatas of Beethoven in Paris. Wikipedia

Canal, Marguerite

Marie-Marguerite-Denise Canal (1890 – 1978) was a French conductor, music educator and composer. She was born in Toulouse into a musical family, and her father introduced her to music and poetry. Wikipedia

Beydts, Louis

Louis Beydts (1895 – 1953) was a French composer, music critic, and theatre director. Wikipedia

Manzi, Luigi

Luigi Manzi (c. 1665 – after 1708)

Benda, Georg

Georg Anton Benda (1722 – 1795), Czech: Jiří Antonín Benda, was a Bohemian composer, violinist, and Kapellmeister of the classical period. Wikipedia