Manzi, Luigi

Luigi Manzi (c. 1665 – after 1708)

Beydts, Louis

Louis Beydts (1895 – 1953) was a French composer, music critic, and theatre director. Wikipedia

Gyrowetz, Adalbert

Vojtěch Matyáš Jírovec (Adalbert Gyrowetz) (1763 – 1850) was a Bohemian composer. He primarily wrote instrumental works, with a great production of string quartets and symphonies; his operas and singspiele number more than thirty, including Semiramide, Der Augenarzt, and Robert, oder Die Prüfung. Wikipedia

Beck, John Ness

John Ness Beck (1930 – 1987) was a composer and arranger of choral music. He was best known for his very popular and accessible settings of traditional Sacred music. Beck was a conductor and arranger of international renown. Wikipedia

d’India, Sigismondo

Sigismondo d’India (1582 – 1629) was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was one of the most accomplished contemporaries of Monteverdi and wrote music in many of the same forms as the more famous composer. Wikipedia