Arias for the Male Voice

The following audition-aria lists have been taken from several sources including conversations with singers active in European opera houses. I have tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible. If you don’t find your favorite aria on the list, chances are it is not known in the German-speaking opera houses even though it is considered standard repertoire in your country. Arias found in non-German operatic anthologies are not always accepted audition repertoire.

Do not stray too far from the lists, singing unknown repertoire in a European audition can only weaken your chances. Those arias most often offered in German translation are listed by the German title. The arias marked with an asterisk are most heard in actual auditions.

You will find the arias cross-over between Fächer in parentheses. Although the role may not officially belong to that Fach, these arias are often heard by singers of several related Fächer in auditions. I have been very careful in choosing the arias which are affected and you should not try to extend the idea of crossover arias further than indicated.