Tell me more about institutional subscriptions

Our website has a great deal of information for institutions interested in subscribing to our resource. We’ve collected some of the most frequently requested information here.


For institutional pricing is located at

Note that we don’t base pricing on FTE. Instead, we base pricing on two factors:

1) The number of students taking voice lessons, regardless of major. This number is best obtained from the voice department chair.


2) Whether or not your institution offers graduate studies in voice.

Subscription terms

Subscriptions are for one year terms.

Information about licensing

Institutional licensing FAQs are found at

Not all our customers permit us to list their institution’s name, but you may view a partial list of our subscribers at

A sample license agreement may be viewed

Information about payment methods

For information about our accepted payment types, please review this blog post, which includes all the payment types we accept. Need a W9 or VPAT? See our licensing FAQ section.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the brief application here.

Please note that our system cannot accept CIDR for IP addresses and ranges. Please note IP addresses and ranges in standard IPv4 format, such as 123.45.67-78.0-255.

How we deliver access

We deliver our services via IP Authentication, so we need the all IPs/ranges for your campus network as well as the single IP address for the proxy server providing off-site access for students and faculty, if applicable. Please provide this information in standard IPv4 format without CIDR. If you don’t have this information, your electronic resources librarian or IT department would have this information easily available.

Once activated, as long as a student or faculty member is logged into the campus network, all they need to do is browse to in a web browser. In the upper section of the website you should see a welcome message noting your institution’s name. Users then search for the item they wish to download, and perform the download. All files are in pdf format.