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For over 15 years, classical singers from around the globe have utilized the IPA Source library for preparation and performance. A trusted resource, our International Phonetic Alphabet catalog is the largest collection of transcribed song and aria texts on the web. With 15,761 titles, IPA source has done the translating and phonetic work for performers to help improve their understanding and pronunciation of foreign language texts, allowing them to focus on technique and communication. IPA Source is always transcribed and translated by hand, not machine.

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Faculty and students around the world benefit from full access to our IPA Source catalog. We have thousands of carefully translated / transcribed song and aria texts in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Latin. Hundreds of educators use our extensive catalog to help their students improve pronunciation and understanding. With a single subscription, your entire institution has easy access to our resource both on and off campus.

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The arts can only thrive when everyone’s voice can be heard and their stories can be told. We believe that racism and intolerance are not only unacceptable but also antithetical to what makes the creative arts great. Throughout history, artists have opened doors, hearts, and minds and have given voice to the marginalized. There is more work to be done and we ask you to join us in listening and changing together.

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Les cloches

Author: Debussy, Claude
Language: French
Pages: 2

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Du Ring an meinem Finger

Author: Schumann, Robert Alexander
Language: German
Pages: 2

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Cielo e mar

Author: Ponchielli, Amilcare
Language: Italian
Pages: 2

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About IPA Source

IPA Source is designed to assist singers with foreign language diction and communication. Our members can easily find the repertoire they need in our extensive catalog of 15,761 arias, art songs and liturgical texts in Italian, French, German, English, Spanish and Latin. With IPA Source, educators and artists can skip the translating and phonetic work and sing with confidence and accuracy.